Monday, September 12, 2011

A hearse! A hearse! My queendom for a hearse!

My dream car would seriously be an old hearse, painted bubble gum pink and detailed with dark pink and black cute skulls. Yeah... that'd be sweet! Since that is not likely to happen any time soon, I have this hearse dress I made for my sister's engagement party. I was feeling kinda saucy so wore it to work today. :)

Sorry for the blurry/bad pic. I wish I knew how to get better pics of myself other than in the full length mirror at work. The skirt and sleeves of the dress are from another dress I had but never wore. The back of the bodice is from an old t-shirt and the front of the bodice is from J & O Fabric. I love reusing clothing this way.... plus it saves me the pain of having to hem. :D (My hair is getting long but I am getting it cut on Saturday! *dances*)

Here's a close up of the bodice. I love the little coffin falling out the back of one of the green hearses. :) Wow, my neck looks uberskinny from this angle!

This is a bad pic of the sleeve detailing and the back of the bodice. The sleeves from the old dress were a tad large so I pleated the top to make them slightly poofy. I love the way they turned out!

I have a bit to do for my sister's wedding in a month, such as making my Maid of Honor dress, a couple simple evening bags and a wad of jewelry. My motivation to get it done is this CUTE Skelanimal fabric I got recently from J & O Fabric. :) I got 2 yards which should be enough to make another skirt like my Skulls and Roses skirt and a bodice for a shirt or dress like the one above. J & O has quite a few Skelanimal designs so I know I will be buying more!


  1. Very cute!!!! You look fabulous in it!

  2. WHAT? Skelaninimal fabric! I just died. Love your dress!

  3. Thank ya kindly, ladies! :) And Psycho Sue, thank you for introducing me to J & O. :D


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