Thursday, September 22, 2011

Caffeine-induced verbal spewing, my Gramma, and owls

I go through bouts of not wanting to sleep.  It's not insomnia because it's not that I *can't* sleep; I just don't want to.  I can't explain why but it's been like this since I was old enough to start remembering things. 

I am going through that right now.

The big downside to that is I am REALLY tired during the day.  So, to combat that, I take a vitamin with an energy supplement built it, drink either a Lo Carb Monster or a Pepsi Max, and a lot of Diet Coke.  A lot.  I mean, A LOT.  The end result is a Sashi who talks and walks like a drunk squirrel.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but it feels like it sometimes.

My poor co-workers. :)

One thing that has given me a little focus over the past 2 days is working on an invitation for one of said co-workers.  She and her sister are throwing a baby shower for their sister-in-law and brother.  The SIL is decorating her daughter's nursery in a pink and green owl theme so Nancy, my coworker, wanted to get invitations in that theme as well.

She found these online at ...

...and asked me if that was a good price or not.  Nearly $60 for 40???  Um... no.  Not a good price.

So I convinced her to let me try making my take on that design for her since I can get them for her at half that...including shipping.  Here is what I came up with:

She and her sister and SIL love it, thankfully, so she will be ordering these from me instead of a boutique site.  My husband, of course, thinks I charge for this but since she's a good friend, I am only charging what the cost to me will be to get them printed.

With the success of this and the invitations I did for my sister's wedding* and engagement party, I am seriously considering coming up with more designs and posting them in my Etsy shop.

What do you think?

*Dude, I totally forgot to post the wedding invitation!  I need to fix that.  Later. ;)

Did you know that I love bingo?  I do.  A LOT.  When I was really little, I used to go to bingo halls with my gramma.  I wasn't allowed to play, of course, since I was just a kid but I was well-behaved and cute so no one ever made me leave.  Plus, my gramma was a tough lady and she probably would have beat up whoever said I had to leave.  (*giggle*)

image source

As an adult, I don't get to play bingo nearly as much as I would like to but that is for 2 reasons: I can't find a place to play and I don't know anyone in my area who would go with me.

My gramma had a brain aneurysm the day after my 15th birthday and, surprisingly, survived it.  For 4 days, my mom fought with her siblings and the doctor's to do surgery before they finally did.  Because of the blood build up, Gramma had some brain damage that presented itself in interesting ways.  For instance, she thought she was blind.  She wasn't.  She had better eyesight than me (which isn't saying much) but she insisted she was blind.

When I was 16, I was allowed to go with her and her long-time boyfriend on outings to the bingo hall and play her cards for her.  She would split the winnings with me if "she" won.  :)

image source
Gramma passed about a month after I turned 27 and one of my favorite things I got of hers was her lucky bingo charm.  It's packed away but this is really close to what it looks like.

image source
Last week, I got to play bar bingo!  LOL  I was so freakishly excited and still am... even a week later.  :)  Every other week, Hubbyman and I meet with our friend Ned at a little hole-in-the-wall called Doc's but we occasionally mix it up and go to a place called Varner's.  As it turns out, Varner's has bar bingo at 10pm every Wednesday.  Yay for me!  So, of course, I played and even won twice!  That's $10 total of Varner's cash, baby!  Oh, yeah!  It's the big time!

Want to know what our friend Ned is like?  Just look up "Foamy the Squirrel" on YouTube. :)

Okay, just one last piece of randomness which, as it turns out, is also related to my Gramma.

Buddha statue at my favorite Chinese buffet
taken with my phone's camera
I know.  You are wondering what Buddha or Chinese food have to do with my Gramma.  Well, you see those machines behind him with the plastic bubbles full of cheap toys?  These are called "lottery machines" because sometimes, you don't actually win anything.  I am addicted to those machines.  Quarters are never safe when those things are around.  It's an addiction that my Gramma started by giving me quarters whenever we went to Kmart or Red Owl. :)

Here is a picture of my Gramma taken while she was pregnant with my Mom. She was 37... my age!

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  1. You did such a good job on those invites! I would have definitely picked yours. If you like doing it, then I think you should put some designs up in your Etsy store and see how it goes. It can't hurt, right?

    It's nice that you & your Gramma got to spend so much time together. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd come and play bingo! I used to go with my Nana, and I haven't been in a really long time.


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