Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Dinner Guest

I had a wonderful guest for dinner last night. His name was Henry and he was delicious! (*evil grin*)
I had no idea that sculpting with meat could actually be fun! I started with 5 pounds of ground beef mixed with 4 cups of diced onion, 10 oz roasted garlic bread crumbs, 4 eggs, 1/4 cup tomato sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I put a roasted onion inside his cranium as filler/a brain and used raw onion for his eyes and teeth.

I actually kind of grossed myself out when I covered him with tomato sauce. LOL

Next was a nice layer of provolone cheese slices. I ended up putting a few toothpicks in the side pieces before cooking to help hold the cheese in place over the tomato sauce.

He was roasted at 350-degrees for 100 minutes.

I had to hack off his chin for my piece. I *had* to.... I'm not sure what that says about me but yeah. I had to. :)

I did learn a couple of things for when I make this in August.** I need to pack the meat a lot tighter and mince the onion instead of chopping it. I am also going to make the "eye sockets" smaller and I am eliminating the brain. It really wasn't needed and the loaf fell apart around it.

The whole thing was magnificently macabre but tasted really good. I was in a meat coma for the rest of the night. :)

**I am throwing an engagement party for my sister and her fiance in Minnesota in August. They are both huge horror movie fanatics so that's the theme of the party. I want to make sure the party doesn't come across as too Halloween-ish so I've been having fun coming up props/decorations from horror movies. A meat head as part of the buffet just seems appropriate but I definitely needed a test run. I have a few more ideas that I will be testing in the next few weeks as well. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Opinion Needed: Matron of Honor dress

I am so excited! My little sister is getting married in October and I get to be her matron-of-honor for the wedding. :) They are having a small ceremony and she wants a Gothic feel to her wedding so she told me to just get a dress that fits that theme. Heh heh... I can do that! I originally ordered this dress from Roaman's:

I thought it was pretty, simple, could easily be "gothed up" and, best of all, it was on sale AND I had a 40% coupon so I got a good deal on it. When I received it, the seams were extremely puckered and the pleating across the bodice hung in a horrible, unflattering way. And it wasn't from me not filling it out! The lining was rather snug across the boobages.

So I returned it in exchange for another. The seams were better but I still had the same issue with the pleating. So I've decided to make my own. Here are my plans. :) And yes, that is indeed TV dinner paper that I wrote on.

If you click here, you will see my wedding dress which uses the same pattern I plan to use for this dress. The dresses on either side of me were made from the same pattern as well. I had 3 dresses in my wedding. :)

The body of the dress is flattering on me, I think. I'm thinking a simple short sleeve would be best so i am going to use the sleeve off an old t-shirt as my pattern. I can add details, if needed, to it later. Here are my conundrums:

  • Should I leave the bodice plain black like the skirt of the dress?

  • Or should I break up the plain black a little by either doing a black lace overlay or finding a pretty black brocade?

  • If I do a plain black bodice, should the sleeves be plain black or lace or some sort of see-through material?

  • If the bodice is dolled up, what should I do with the sleeves?

I'm just at a loss on what I want to do here and would really appreciate feedback! And, if it helps, below is my sister's dress. Very simple and elegant so I don't want to do anything that could detract from her in anyway. There are no other girls in the wedding party.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I just got my first order from J and O Fabric and I am in looooooove! And, I happily blame Psycho Sue of Sew Misunderstood. :)

I got the last 1-3/8 yards of this. Jealous? :) I'm not sure what I am going to do with it but I am envisioning either a ruffle at the bottom of a long skirt (like I did here) or the bodice of a cute top.

I got 3 yards of this fun fabric. Again, not entirely sure what will become of this but I fell in love with it when I saw it. :)

I know this is totally not the type of thing I would typically wear but I couldn't pass it up! I have a couple of black tanks that I could use to make baby doll style shirts and this would be fun for the bottom of that. I got just 1 yard of this.

I can't wait! (*wiggles excitedly*)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We have a winner! (*dances*)

And the winner of my first giveaway is....

CHRISTINA!!! (*dances)

Christina, please e-mail me at happyartistgirl (at) fatgirlart (dot) com with your address so I can send your bag! Yay!

She upcycles and paints and crochets and makes stuff with skulls and seems like an awesome person all around. AND she's a mom of five kids! :) I definitely recommend checking out her blog: Variform.

I couldn't count the first comment since the person is anonymous and I have no way of contacting them. I also had a few people post something on Facebook and Twitter but they didn't leave comments here (even after I reminded people) so I had no way of counting them here either.

Do people have suggestions on how I could have made the directions more clear? I feel really bad about this....