Tuesday, September 27, 2011

8 years and counting...

8 years ago today, I promised to love my best friend forever and he returned that promise. I am so lucky to have found him and I tell him every day that I love him but it never feels like enough. It amazes me that anyone would want to be with me for that long or be able to put up with me. :)

Our wedding reception 9/27/2003
He still finds my eccentricities and neuroses to be cute and endearing rather than annoying or troublesome.

I still make him giggle with my random silliness that sometimes just sort of spews out of my head.  But he's just as silly as I am. :)

He's a mad scientist!
We can have an entire conversation using just the word "Rawr" and know exactly what the other one is saying.

He still laughs at the unique ways I seem to find to hurt myself... and then feels bad.

He worries about me a lot more than he lets on and I can feel it.

I go to bed before him usually so he always lays in bed with me for a few minutes and then tucks me in by flipping my blanket over me like the ladies in fabric softener commericals do with their sheets. I don't know why but it makes me so happy and he humors me with it. :)

I am like a little kid when it comes to objects that make fun noises. He'll ask me if he can see and then takes it away from me. LOL

Little Sashi loves Hubbyman, too!
 He still laughs at my weird little songs I make up and sing, even though they are usually to same tune.

Even when he doesn't understand why I feel or react the way I do to things, he accepts it and doesn't hold it against me.

He supports my decisions and endeavours but also plays the devil's advocate to help keep me based in reality. I would not be able to do the art fairs if he was not so willing to help be my pack mule and keep me company.

We still end phone calls the exact same way we did the very first time we talked on the phone.
Him: "Are you ready?"
Me: "Um... okay!"
Him: "Okay, here we go!"
Both: "Aaaaaaah!"
Then he hangs up first. :)

"Hey!  Pay attention to meeeee..."
 He still has almost everything I have ever made him and most of the silly little random gifts I have given him are within his line of sight of his chair in the living room.

He has seen me change from a somewhat shy 25-year-old who tried so hard to not really be noticed into a 37-year-old who doesn't really care if you notice me or not.

It's because of him that I've learned to embrace who I am and not be scared of not fitting in. He has loved me and accepted me no matter what.

Of course we've had our rough patches and bad days, like everyone does, but he still makes me so incredibly happy and I would not trade him for all the pizza and art supplies in the whole world.

Happy Anniversary, Doodle*! I love you!
Kissy kissy!
*"Doodle" is short for Wichard Dichard Diddle Doodle Pants which is his official full name. ;)

I doodled my Doodle!


  1. Awww! Happy anniversary to you both!

  2. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you two have an amazing relationship. I hope that The Boyfriend and I are just as happy when we've been together as long as you two. :)


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