Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where the heck is Lincolnton?

Right next to Washington, of course!  :)

Once every couple of months or so, Hubbyman and I decide to go on a random roadtrip.  We look at the Atlas to find a town with a cool or funny or odd sounding name then figure out a back road way of getting there.  We have seen a good portion of GA and parts of the surrounding states by doing this and have found wonderful treasures like Finster's Garden, Pasaquan, and the Smiling Peanut!  Granted, most of the "destinations" end up being nothing special but that's really not the point of the trips.  It's just the 2 of us in a car without any other distractions.  We don't even turn on the radio.

This past weekend we decided to go to Lincolnton, GA's right next to Washington and that made us a giggle.  Yes, Hubbyman giggles but don't tell him I told you. ;)

We do take quite a few pictures. His tend to be more scenic while mine are usually more silly. This time I used my juice box camera, though, so I need to get the film developed before I can post them.

But, for now, here are a few pics I snapped with my phone. :)

We're on the road!  (I *really* need a haircut)
This keeps Hubbyman fueled for the trip.  His car gets much better mileage than my minivan (yes, I drive a minivan) but it's a stick which I can't get the hang of driving so he does all the driving most of the time.
Pretty green...even if it is kudzu. :)
I had my phone in the B&W setting and managed to get this picture out the open window as we drove by.
He gets grumpy when I take his picture while he's driving but he looks so cute in his road trip uniform: driving hat and camera. :)

One of my favorite bloggers went on a road trip this weekend as well!  You can check out Meg's pictures here!

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