Monday, April 15, 2013


I was very fortunate recently to be given the opportunity to help with a fundraiser. 

The cousin of my co-worker/good friend Nancy had a baby named Layla a little over a year ago who was born in a rare disorder called Apert Syndrome.  Her little head was shaped like a cloverleaf at birth due to the growth lines in her skull being fused prematurely. 

She had her first surgery at 22 days old to relieve the pressure on her brain and to reform her skull.  This little cutie has had 19 surgeries so far in her little life and has many, many more.

Nancy and her son Austin decided to throw a fundraiser for Layla's family to help with medical bills and living expenses since Layla's mom quit her job to give Layla the care the she needs.  That's where I got to help.  :)

I designed a logo for them which I then had printed on t-shirts at a discount that they re-sold to help raise money for the fundraiser itself.  I was told that Layla's room was decorated with bumble bees so that seemed to be the perfect image to use for her.

Here is everyone wearing their t-shirts.

I used one of the logos to make a pillow for the little guest of honor using some cute flannel I found with bees on it.  Her mom said she kept petting it because it was so soft. :)

The fundraiser was a BBQ at the home of Nancy's parents where they had music, games for the kids and raffles.  They also sold buttons that I made with the logo (no pic... I'm sorry :( ) and t-shirts that had been donated by a local printer using my design.  They also got a lot of local businesses to donate gift certificates and items for the raffle.  My guys and I purchased 22 tickets total and won 2 gift certificates for a free appetizer at Longhorn Steakhouse and $5 off at Red Lobster.  :)

They were able to raise over $7,000 to help out and I am so happy that I got to be a part of that for this wonderful girl and her family.