Friday, June 29, 2012

My muse & TV dinners

She has returned and has slapped me upside the head.  She is finally letting me work on an idea I've had for a while now but is forcing me to do it digitally which is both an added frustration and bonus. :)  You see, I have some rather Luddite tendencies in that I much prefer old ways of doing things, like writing actual letters, drawing with a real pen on real paper, and making my lists in a notebook in my purse, that sort of thing.  For this particular project, though, digital is the better way to go and I am very happy with the results so far.

I'm keeping what I am up to a secret for now, though. :) I'm just mean like that. ;)

In the meantime, did you know I have a fascination with old-fashioned TV dinners?  Not to eat.  Yuck.  No.  But the visual of an old-time TV dinner in an aluminum tray.  I can't explain why but they always make me squee with delight.  :)

This is an ATC I made a while back in honor of my unfounded love:

And here are a few things on my wish list:

TV Dinner Metal Serving Tray

TV Dinner Gumballs

TV Dinner ceramic plates

TV Dinner Magnet

This wallet is no longer available on Etsy but I found this picture of it here. :)

I am so tempted to buy these and make my own. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sashi Goes On Vacation

I decided I really needed a vacation yesterday so I took a quick trip around the world and got some nice locals to snap pictures of me here and there.  I decided if I was going to go on a trip, I would go in style so I took off in a stretch limo.*  It had a bed covered with kittens for napping between stops, a full stocked bacon bar, and the entire Murder, She Wrote series in the DVD player.  I was set!
pic source

My first stop was to check out the nightlife in New York City.  Times Square was amazing and I met the nicest man who demanded all my money.  I offered him bacon instead and he was happy enough to take this pic for me.

pic source

I then skedaddled over to San Francisco to see if the sisters from Charmed were home but they must have been out fighting demons.  I even looked for them at one of their favorite hangouts.
pic source

From there I bounced down to Brazil and met a wonderful group of kids.  Their teacher/chaperone was a little weird.  He asked me if I had found Jesus myself.  I just pointed to the statue behind me and slowly walked away.  Maybe he just needed glasses but it seemed odd at the time.

pic source

In China, I really wanted to meet some monks but they were all gone to bowling practice so I just took a picture with their house instead.
pic source

The outback in Australia was closed for cleaning so I took in some of the city culture instead.  I looked for my favorite Australian residents while there but I think they were in China bowling with the monks.

pic source

Off to Amerstam!  I can't remember exactly what I did there but I know I had a good time.  A good, sweet, smoky time.

pic source

I don't remember this pic being taken while there but it looks like I was still having fun! 

pic source

Suddenly having the munchies, I stopped at a bistro for some lunch.  I just can't remember exactly where this bistro was.  The hot chocolate was to die for, though, and I highly recommend the sandwich and salad I had!

pic source

Ah, sweet Paris!  I'm glad I sobered up by the time I got there.  I met a mime named Jacques.  He didn't say much but he didn't need to for we spoke ze language of love.  He was just a lot more animated.
pic source

I was really hoping to have dinner with the Queen in England but she was nowhere to be found.  I wonder if it was bowling league night?

pic source

Since it was starting to become night time again, I made one more stop in London before heading home.  It was such a wonderful trip!  I definitely need to do this again!
pic source

*For those who insist you can't drive around the world: you've obviously never met my imagination.  Or looked up directions in Google Maps.

All of these pics were taken by taping a little cut out of me to my monitor and then taking a picture of it. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012


...another month and not a whole lot to show for it.  LOL

I'm still doodling on practically everything I can get my hands on.  Yeah, I could just *write* my name on my leftover container but where's the fun with that?!

I went to a big adult-only camping event with a bunch of friends and had a blast!  This is the one weekend a year I let my inhibitions down a bit and do crazy things, like wear sleeveless sundresses with no shrugs over them. ;)  I ended up being plastic wrapped to a tree and shot at with a large water gun this weekend as well.  The funniest part of that whole scenario is that the plastic wrapping was my idea.  LOL  I have a pic of it but there is partial nudity and I don't want to subject y'all to that. :)

When I am feeling anxious, I have a tendency to cook.  A lot.  I'm not sure what my brain is crunching on that is causing me to wake up a lot during the night but I have a whole pile of new cookbooks that are helping to console me. :)
This is a picture of Sunday night's dinner: I slow roasted a beef brisket (a first for me) and made twice-baked sour cram & herb potatoes with buttered corn.  It. Was. AWESOME!  Saturday, I roasted a chicken (for the first time since before I met Hubbyman which was 1999) plus a couple sides, made homemade ricotta cheese, and made homemade baked potato chips.  I will be using the ricotta for part of tonight's dinner (spinach and ricotta pie to go with the chicken panzanella I am making with leftover chicken from Saturday).  Dinner will be ready by 8 if you want to stop by!
I had cold leftovers for breakfast this morning.  It was all just as good cold as it was the night before. :)  How cute are those little baked potatoes?!

I'm not sure if many others do this but I much prefer to eat leftovers for breakfast over lunch.  I'm not sure why.  Part of it may be because I am so excited to eat the leftovers that I just can't wait.  LOL  I mean, if I like it enough to eat it the next day, it must be good, right?  I also rarely heat up leftovers.  Stew and lasagna are about the only to exceptions to that. 

I am done with the physical therapy, though she wants me to come back for more.  We finally figured out what is causing my knee pain: my knee caps have misaligned due to the external tibial torsion I was born with. Because it wasn't caught/treated as a kid, I was told when I was 23 that I had 2 options: surgery or deal with issues when I got older.  The surgery scared the heck out of me so I did what most 23-year-old would do: I ignored it.  The surgery would have basically involved cutting my leg open, cutting my tibia in half and resetting my leg so it would be more straight.  For each leg.  Um, yeah... no.  Because of that, my knee caps need to be trained to go back where they should be. 

Even with insurance, each PT session costs me $40 out of pocket.  They have a payment plan but it adds up quickly so I have opted to do the exercises on my own.  My knees still hurt but they are better than before so I can tell it is working.  As for the lymphadema, it's still an issue.  My legs are such an odd shape that finding compression socks is proving to be a challenge.  Not to mention the fact that I hate wearing socks.  LOL  I have a new pair to try and, if these don't work, I will need to have them custom made.  They start at about $200 and are not covered by insurance.

Just the fact that I know what the problems are and am choosing to take care of things at my own pace and in my own way has helped a lot as far as my spirits go.  :)

I've also come to terms with my lack of need to create anything.  Obviously, my brain and/or soul are telling me it's not the right thing right now so I am just going to listen and do other things I enjoy. Like cooking!