Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skeleton Cameo Wedding Jewelry

My sister is getting married in just a few weeks...I can't believe how time flies!  Originally she had wanted a sort of elegant Gothic wedding but decided to get married on a Vista Harbor Cruise ship where they take care of a majority of the details for her.  Being that she and her fiance just a baby in May, this was definitely a good way to go!  Because of that, though, their aesthetic is a little harder to get across but I think they are both managing to do it in a wonderful yet subtle way.

One way that I got to help with this is she let me design and make her necklace. :)  Of course, if I was making one for her, I had to make one for me which meant I had to make one for our mother.  (*giggle*)

My sister's necklace
It only took me 7 tries to get this just right. :) I've never done a multistrand necklace quite like this before now so it was a fun challenge. I made it so it will fit her like a choker but there is a 2" extender with a dangling skull charm on the back if she wants to wear it a little longer. Her dress is strapless white with a black sash that ties around the waist and she's going to wear a long sleeved lace bolero style jack over that for that elegant Goth look. I also broke the bail off one of the skully cameos and glued it onto a black bar hairclip for her.

My necklace
I wanted my necklace to tie in with my sister's but be a simpler design.  This was seriously and sadly the best picture I took of mine. :(

Mom's necklace
I wanted to keep our Mom's necklace even simpler yet but still pretty.  I made this slightly longer than a choker but also added the 2" extender with a skull charm in case she wants to lengthen it.

Since I had 2 skully cameos left over from making the wedding jewelry, I made myself a couple more things. ;)

Everyday necklace
My personal daily aesthetic consists of fun pendants on black cords so this is a necklace I can wear everyday. :)

I broke the bail off another of the cameo settings and glued it onto one of my adjustable ring bases.  I love these bases.  They comfortably adjust up to a size 10.5/11 so I can wear it on my middle finger. Hubbyman has a pizza ring he wears on his size 12 finger by just slightly parting the back of the ring.  This is much better than the typical adjustable rings which really aren't meant for a finger larger than a size 7/8.
That's obviously my wedding set in the picture as well.  Isn't it dainty and pretty?  We got at at Sears for 50% off back in 2003 just before we got married.  Woohoo!  (*laugh*)  It was exactly what I wanted, though, and I love telling those with...um... more refined tastes... where I got it. :)
I got the Skeleton Cameos & Cabachon Settings from a shop on Etsy called Cathy's Jewels.  There are so many places to choose from for these supplies that I just went with the first one that seemed like the best deal.  I got the beads, skull charms and findings from Fire Mountain Gems.  I just used good old E6000 glue to glue the cameos to their settings and those to the ring and unpictured hairclip.
Now I just need to tackle my maid of honor dress!


  1. These are all gorgeous! Your sister must be one happy bride. I love the sound of what she is wearing as well, it sounds like the wedding will be beautiful.

  2. Those turned out fantastically!!


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