Monday, January 21, 2013


This was one of those weekends where I seemed to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  But I did manage to get my hair recolored and cut!

Here is what it looked like on our roadtrip 2 weeks ago.  I was letting it grow out a bit but by this point, I was in need of getting it reshaped.  It's hard to see here but the back was getting really shaggy and tickling my neck!

I *love* this picture of 1920's actress Louise Brooks so this was the inspiration I gave to the stylist.

After making me look like a potato for a bit...

...this is what she did!  (Pay no attention to my lack of make-up and pre-menstral pimple. :P )

I *LOVE* it!  This is the first haircut I have had in a VERY long time that I am really and truly happy with. :)  I started going to the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta and I am really glad that I did.  The girl that I have seen twice, Rachael, is super sweet and eager to learn.  It was amazing how much more confident she's gotten in the 12 weeks since I last saw her.  My cut and dual color is on $55, which is still a lot but about 1/3 what I used to pay.  So my one luxury is a lot cheaper now. :)

That wasn't the only cutting from over the weekend, though.  I also made pizza, homemade from the crust up.

I did the whole wheat crust recipe from one of my go-to books "300 Best Bread Machine Recipes", made some of my favorite sauce on Saturday for this, browned some of the Italian sausage I made last week, and just added sauteed mushrooms and lots of yummy shredded cheese.

Even Rustle and Sidia approved!

They didn't get any, though.  Yeah, I'm a mean Mama. :)

Like my footstool the pizza is on?  I got 4 of those for $10 a piece in the clearance section of Target YEARS ago.  The legs fold in so you can use them as floor cushions as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Visual Randomness

How has your new year been treating you?  Mine has been pretty good so far, though not a super lot has been going on... which has been nice.  Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks. :)

I spent some of my Christmas gift money at the restaurant supply store and replaced a few kitchen basics.  I got 2 new saute pans (and threw away the warped, flaky non-stick ones), 2 half-sheet baking sheets, 1 full-size one for home ovens, 2 baking racks, a dough cutter, a high-heat temp rubber spatula, another set of measuring spoons, and some butter knives.  I have no idea why but my silverware at home is disappearing so I've been adding to our existing set with inexpensive ones from the restaurant supply store.   

I've doodled at work a bit while waiting for reports to run and during lunch. :)  You can tell in the t-shirt doodle that my new markers from Secret Santa are starting to dry up.  Oops! :P

The guys and I decided to take another road trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center since 1) Andy had never been and 2) he was having a heart attack when Rich and I *did* go so I didn't really remember a lot about the trip from the first time (view post about that here).  
On our way!

My dangling skulls in my van... they Rich crazy because they fly while going around corners which is exactly why I love them! :)

My mom gave my alphabet beads for Christmas so I made each of the guys a bracelet.  Juvenile, I know, but they make me happy. :)  Rich's says "SWA LUVS DOODLE," our nicknames for each other.
An uncharacteristic "What I Wore" pic!  I made this "rockstar" shirt YEARS ago out of one of the many t-shirt refashioning books I have... but I can't remember which one!  I *do* know it's NOT from Generation T which are my usual go-to books for inspiration.  Anyway, I wore that over a black ribbed tank top and black pants.  The striped arm warmers are because I forgot a jacket and happened to have these in my bag. :)  I know the bracelets look dorky over the arm warmers but do I look like I care?  LOL
Unfortunately, Rich got a work call on our way so he pulled over at a gas station.

Andy is getting ready to enjoy some gum. :)

This made me giggle so I had to get it.  I enjoyed holding it in my hand for some reason. ;)
I got to go to Flip Burger.... twice... and all I managed to do was take a pic of the menu and candlelight behind a water glass.  This restaurant is owned by Chef Richard Blais from Top Chef fame and is absolutely amazing!

This little guy decided to chill out on the deck rail outside the kitchen window for a while.  I am SO surprised that the kitties did not see him!

I made homemade sweet Italian sausage!  Finally a nitrate-free, chemical-free sausage I can eat without worrying about tummy pain!  And it was SO good, too!  I know this is not an exciting pic but here it is browning for pasta I made one night.  We are thinking of making homemade pizza this weekend and using the other half I made. You can find my recipe on my Recipage.
I used one of my new saute pans!
I realized I had no good pics of Andy on my phone so this was my attempt to get one. I eventually gave up. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

I made these giftees!

As promised, here are the t-shirts and other things I made for people for Christmas!  I loved being able to make them something AND give them something that didn't look handmade.  I love making things for other people in general but there is just something so... satisfying... about seeing something I did in a format that looks professional. :)

But first... here is the t-shirt I made for Rich for his space birthday party.

I found images of real patches from different NASA missions and printed those on the left.


And the holiday card I designed for this year.

I painted the 3 of us plus a couple of "extras" in Victorian garb and put us in a Victorian winter scene backdrop I found online.  Rich and Andy are the only two "fat boys" I've ever painted along with my Fat Girls. :)

And now... the Christmas Presents!!!!

My sister and her family

Candy corn is a symbol that means something to my sister and her husband so I made this little candy corn family for them. :)  I also had one printed for each of the 4 boys as well.  Rainee has 1 son from a previous relationship and Eric has 2 then, together, they have 1.  I hope I can have her take a pic of all 6 of them wearing them together sometime!

Rainee and Eric each also got a mug.



Rich's Parents

Andy's parents (made by me, given by him)

His parents collect wine so when he asked me to design something for him to give to them, this was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Andy's Mom & Sister

Andy's nephew (made by me, given by him)