Friday, November 25, 2011

Filling in the blanks

I've seen this floating around so I thought I'd give it a shot, too! :)

I am weird because...
  • I make sprinkles dance on a plate to rave music in my head
  • I only eat one food at a time from my plate
  • I will not eat blue food or candy and drink blue drinks
  • I have to sit in a booth or with my back to a wall in a restaurant
  • I rarely wear socks because when I do, I lose them in various rooms around the house and not realize it
  • I always take my shoes off at my desk at work
I am a good friend because...
  • I listen without judging or giving advice (unless asked)
  • I don't tell others anything you told me
  • If you are feeling down, I will make you laugh
  • If you aren't feeling down, I will make you laugh
  • I am always available to lend an ear or shoulder
  • I'm willing to go on most adventures

I am a bad friend because...
  • I am bad at keeping in touch for fear I am intruding on your life
  • I am not always available for the adventures you dream up
  • If all you have to offer me is stress and drama, I will eventually end the friendship
  • I don't always share my personal feelings unless they are positive ones but I am learning to open up more
I am sad because...
  • I do not get to see my sister and her family more often
  • Someone I care about is dying and wants nothing to do with me
  • People can be so closed minded
I am happy because...
  • I am. :)
  • I spent a wonderful day with friends yesterday
  • I just watched Glee
  • I have pink stars all around me
  • I realized I have nothing planned for Saturday
  • The tater tots were fresh at lunch
  • I just got a custom group order from 3 people in Austria
  • The Smurf movie comes out on DVD Dec. 2
  • The Muppet movie just came out in theatres
  • The neckline of my shirt makes me feel like a ballerina
  • I have a rave beat going on in my head
  • My co-worker's heated up leftovers smell really good
  • I am a unicorn
  • I could go on and on and on and on and... well, you get the idea :)  A lot of things make me happy.

I am excited for...
  • Meeting a friend at my favorite coffee shop after work and having a banana smoothie
  • Having a day of relaxation for a change on Saturday
  • Seeing another group of friends for games and Chinese food on Sunday
  • My husband's birthday
  • The holiday season this year
  • Seeing what 2012 holds in store

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thick Threads/Fat Girl Art Giveaway!

Omg...omg...omg... I was asked to co-host a giveaway over at the Thick Threads blog.  Go visit this awesome blog and follow the instructions to get something free from me!  :)

You will get your choice of one of the following designs as either a ring or necklace.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I support MiniGasms

Hey, all!  I know it's been a while since the last post.  Things were just so busy with RevFest and my sister's wedding that I just haven't had much to post about. 

However, I thought I would help a friend out by telling you about a project she is working on called MiniGasms. :)  I love being able to support artists in anyway I can and with Kickstarter, even $1 helps. She has just 39 days left to raise $3933 more dollars for this to go through.

Here is more information in her own words:

The Concept:
  • Adult Fiction in a Flash - A collection of super short erotic tales that lets you get right into the action.
  • Well written Adult Fiction that will keep you entertained without insulting your intelligence.
  • Topics that are varied, diverse and sometimes taboo to keep things fresh, new and exciting.
  • Several contributing authors who are just coming out. They are full of ideas and raring to show off their talent.
The Format:
  • 25 adult themed stories.
  • Each story will have 1000 words or less giving you a concise, but well written scene.
  • Each story will have a tasteful drawing to help you set the mood.
Book Information:
  • Release date is scheduled for January 2012.
  • To be released in both print and Ebook formats.
MiniGasms Needs YOU!
  • Funding for this project will run now through November 2011!
  • Through Kickstarter you can join this project for as little as $1 and get something for your money (Books, T-Shirts, Naughty Cards and so much more) – Plus, you'll be part of a climactic new beginning!
  • Kickstarter is all or nothing so if the funding goal is not met then MiniGasms gets nothing!… MiniGasms is too good of an idea to lie flaccid –
With your help, MiniGasms will go to press!

You can get more information by going to or to to lend your support right away. There is also a sample story there!  A good story. ;)

And please feel free to repost/reblog this if you think it is a good idea. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

8 years and counting...

8 years ago today, I promised to love my best friend forever and he returned that promise. I am so lucky to have found him and I tell him every day that I love him but it never feels like enough. It amazes me that anyone would want to be with me for that long or be able to put up with me. :)

Our wedding reception 9/27/2003
He still finds my eccentricities and neuroses to be cute and endearing rather than annoying or troublesome.

I still make him giggle with my random silliness that sometimes just sort of spews out of my head.  But he's just as silly as I am. :)

He's a mad scientist!
We can have an entire conversation using just the word "Rawr" and know exactly what the other one is saying.

He still laughs at the unique ways I seem to find to hurt myself... and then feels bad.

He worries about me a lot more than he lets on and I can feel it.

I go to bed before him usually so he always lays in bed with me for a few minutes and then tucks me in by flipping my blanket over me like the ladies in fabric softener commericals do with their sheets. I don't know why but it makes me so happy and he humors me with it. :)

I am like a little kid when it comes to objects that make fun noises. He'll ask me if he can see and then takes it away from me. LOL

Little Sashi loves Hubbyman, too!
 He still laughs at my weird little songs I make up and sing, even though they are usually to same tune.

Even when he doesn't understand why I feel or react the way I do to things, he accepts it and doesn't hold it against me.

He supports my decisions and endeavours but also plays the devil's advocate to help keep me based in reality. I would not be able to do the art fairs if he was not so willing to help be my pack mule and keep me company.

We still end phone calls the exact same way we did the very first time we talked on the phone.
Him: "Are you ready?"
Me: "Um... okay!"
Him: "Okay, here we go!"
Both: "Aaaaaaah!"
Then he hangs up first. :)

"Hey!  Pay attention to meeeee..."
 He still has almost everything I have ever made him and most of the silly little random gifts I have given him are within his line of sight of his chair in the living room.

He has seen me change from a somewhat shy 25-year-old who tried so hard to not really be noticed into a 37-year-old who doesn't really care if you notice me or not.

It's because of him that I've learned to embrace who I am and not be scared of not fitting in. He has loved me and accepted me no matter what.

Of course we've had our rough patches and bad days, like everyone does, but he still makes me so incredibly happy and I would not trade him for all the pizza and art supplies in the whole world.

Happy Anniversary, Doodle*! I love you!
Kissy kissy!
*"Doodle" is short for Wichard Dichard Diddle Doodle Pants which is his official full name. ;)

I doodled my Doodle!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Caffeine-induced verbal spewing, my Gramma, and owls

I go through bouts of not wanting to sleep.  It's not insomnia because it's not that I *can't* sleep; I just don't want to.  I can't explain why but it's been like this since I was old enough to start remembering things. 

I am going through that right now.

The big downside to that is I am REALLY tired during the day.  So, to combat that, I take a vitamin with an energy supplement built it, drink either a Lo Carb Monster or a Pepsi Max, and a lot of Diet Coke.  A lot.  I mean, A LOT.  The end result is a Sashi who talks and walks like a drunk squirrel.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but it feels like it sometimes.

My poor co-workers. :)

One thing that has given me a little focus over the past 2 days is working on an invitation for one of said co-workers.  She and her sister are throwing a baby shower for their sister-in-law and brother.  The SIL is decorating her daughter's nursery in a pink and green owl theme so Nancy, my coworker, wanted to get invitations in that theme as well.

She found these online at ...

...and asked me if that was a good price or not.  Nearly $60 for 40???  Um... no.  Not a good price.

So I convinced her to let me try making my take on that design for her since I can get them for her at half that...including shipping.  Here is what I came up with:

She and her sister and SIL love it, thankfully, so she will be ordering these from me instead of a boutique site.  My husband, of course, thinks I charge for this but since she's a good friend, I am only charging what the cost to me will be to get them printed.

With the success of this and the invitations I did for my sister's wedding* and engagement party, I am seriously considering coming up with more designs and posting them in my Etsy shop.

What do you think?

*Dude, I totally forgot to post the wedding invitation!  I need to fix that.  Later. ;)

Did you know that I love bingo?  I do.  A LOT.  When I was really little, I used to go to bingo halls with my gramma.  I wasn't allowed to play, of course, since I was just a kid but I was well-behaved and cute so no one ever made me leave.  Plus, my gramma was a tough lady and she probably would have beat up whoever said I had to leave.  (*giggle*)

image source

As an adult, I don't get to play bingo nearly as much as I would like to but that is for 2 reasons: I can't find a place to play and I don't know anyone in my area who would go with me.

My gramma had a brain aneurysm the day after my 15th birthday and, surprisingly, survived it.  For 4 days, my mom fought with her siblings and the doctor's to do surgery before they finally did.  Because of the blood build up, Gramma had some brain damage that presented itself in interesting ways.  For instance, she thought she was blind.  She wasn't.  She had better eyesight than me (which isn't saying much) but she insisted she was blind.

When I was 16, I was allowed to go with her and her long-time boyfriend on outings to the bingo hall and play her cards for her.  She would split the winnings with me if "she" won.  :)

image source
Gramma passed about a month after I turned 27 and one of my favorite things I got of hers was her lucky bingo charm.  It's packed away but this is really close to what it looks like.

image source
Last week, I got to play bar bingo!  LOL  I was so freakishly excited and still am... even a week later.  :)  Every other week, Hubbyman and I meet with our friend Ned at a little hole-in-the-wall called Doc's but we occasionally mix it up and go to a place called Varner's.  As it turns out, Varner's has bar bingo at 10pm every Wednesday.  Yay for me!  So, of course, I played and even won twice!  That's $10 total of Varner's cash, baby!  Oh, yeah!  It's the big time!

Want to know what our friend Ned is like?  Just look up "Foamy the Squirrel" on YouTube. :)

Okay, just one last piece of randomness which, as it turns out, is also related to my Gramma.

Buddha statue at my favorite Chinese buffet
taken with my phone's camera
I know.  You are wondering what Buddha or Chinese food have to do with my Gramma.  Well, you see those machines behind him with the plastic bubbles full of cheap toys?  These are called "lottery machines" because sometimes, you don't actually win anything.  I am addicted to those machines.  Quarters are never safe when those things are around.  It's an addiction that my Gramma started by giving me quarters whenever we went to Kmart or Red Owl. :)

Here is a picture of my Gramma taken while she was pregnant with my Mom. She was 37... my age!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skeleton Cameo Wedding Jewelry

My sister is getting married in just a few weeks...I can't believe how time flies!  Originally she had wanted a sort of elegant Gothic wedding but decided to get married on a Vista Harbor Cruise ship where they take care of a majority of the details for her.  Being that she and her fiance just a baby in May, this was definitely a good way to go!  Because of that, though, their aesthetic is a little harder to get across but I think they are both managing to do it in a wonderful yet subtle way.

One way that I got to help with this is she let me design and make her necklace. :)  Of course, if I was making one for her, I had to make one for me which meant I had to make one for our mother.  (*giggle*)

My sister's necklace
It only took me 7 tries to get this just right. :) I've never done a multistrand necklace quite like this before now so it was a fun challenge. I made it so it will fit her like a choker but there is a 2" extender with a dangling skull charm on the back if she wants to wear it a little longer. Her dress is strapless white with a black sash that ties around the waist and she's going to wear a long sleeved lace bolero style jack over that for that elegant Goth look. I also broke the bail off one of the skully cameos and glued it onto a black bar hairclip for her.

My necklace
I wanted my necklace to tie in with my sister's but be a simpler design.  This was seriously and sadly the best picture I took of mine. :(

Mom's necklace
I wanted to keep our Mom's necklace even simpler yet but still pretty.  I made this slightly longer than a choker but also added the 2" extender with a skull charm in case she wants to lengthen it.

Since I had 2 skully cameos left over from making the wedding jewelry, I made myself a couple more things. ;)

Everyday necklace
My personal daily aesthetic consists of fun pendants on black cords so this is a necklace I can wear everyday. :)

I broke the bail off another of the cameo settings and glued it onto one of my adjustable ring bases.  I love these bases.  They comfortably adjust up to a size 10.5/11 so I can wear it on my middle finger. Hubbyman has a pizza ring he wears on his size 12 finger by just slightly parting the back of the ring.  This is much better than the typical adjustable rings which really aren't meant for a finger larger than a size 7/8.
That's obviously my wedding set in the picture as well.  Isn't it dainty and pretty?  We got at at Sears for 50% off back in 2003 just before we got married.  Woohoo!  (*laugh*)  It was exactly what I wanted, though, and I love telling those more refined tastes... where I got it. :)
I got the Skeleton Cameos & Cabachon Settings from a shop on Etsy called Cathy's Jewels.  There are so many places to choose from for these supplies that I just went with the first one that seemed like the best deal.  I got the beads, skull charms and findings from Fire Mountain Gems.  I just used good old E6000 glue to glue the cameos to their settings and those to the ring and unpictured hairclip.
Now I just need to tackle my maid of honor dress!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ten Rules for Fat Girls (ALL girls, really)

In my blog adventures today, I came across this post by the CrazyBeautiful Dianne Sylvan thanks, once again, to Stacey. :)  (I am seriously developing a blog crush on this girl.)

I am not going to repost what Dianne has to say as I think it's better to go see for yourself.  Instead, here are her rules with my own commentary/experiences.  I honestly think, though, that 9 out of 10 of these rules applies to all women and just those of us who have more fleshy areas. :) 

1. You are not obligated to be thin, healthy, or pretty.
I am really glad she put this one first as I think it really is the first step in being comfortable with who you are.  Even when I was at my lowest adult weight, I was still not thin and hated myself for it.  Once I realized #1, I became a much, much happier person.  She does go on to say in her post that people seem to assume skinny = healthy which most people know is not a given.

2. Don’t talk shit about your body.
This is really one of my biggest pet peeves and I hear it from all my female friends of any size.  I admit I make jokes about my weight but they are truths that I make light of.  For instance, I was talking with a friend about painted toe nails (yeah, I know) amd I said that I never paint my own, I let someone else do it for me because I have too much middle and it's not worth not being able to breathe.  While kinda funny, it's true. :)

3. Don’t talk shit about other people’s bodies.
This is right up there with #2 for me.  When someone says "That girl needs a sandwich," I think of a girl I used to work with who could not gain weight no matter what she did and it pained her to no end.  She and I had a weird camaraderie because of this.  Yeah, she only weighed 98 pounds but we had a lot of similar issues, just opposite ends of the same spectrum.

4. Wear clothes that fit.
For me, this isn't just about the sausage roll muffin tops but also the women that insist on wearing tents.  I am guilty of the latter myself.  I have a tendency to buy the largest size possible, even though it is way too big for me.  I am seriously trying to work on this and making clothes that fit and flatter. 

5. Demand better treatment from healthcare professionals.
When Hubbyman and I first moved to Georgia and found a doctor close by under his health plan, I made an appointment for one reason or another.  As soon as the nurse practitioner walked in, she looked at me and asked if I would consider bariatric surgery.  This is without knowing a single thing about me other than my name and the fact that I am a fat girl.  Now, people who know me know I am *not* one for confrontation.  I tend to laugh things off or just walk away.  This, however, struck me the wrong way.  I told her that she should get to know me before making ignorant and rude judgements and asked if this was the sort of treatment I could expect from the rest of the staff so I could look for another doctor's office before wasting my time.  I am sure it is unrelated but she wasn't there anymore after my next few visits.

6. Find a way to move.
Regardless of size, it is necessary to move a little throughout the day.  I have a tough time with this myself because I have a desk job and sedentary interests but I try to remember to do little things like parking a further way than I could in the parking ramp and taking the scenic route to lunch in the building.

7. Stand up for yourself.
I am actually pretty fortunate in that I don't encounter much size-hate in my day-to-day life but there is the occasional asshat out there who makes a comment.  Most of the time, it is "well-meaning strangers" who have had bariatric surgery so think that because they are happier now that I MUST be unhappy with my current size.  I usually just tell them that I hope that they can find their inner happiness regardless of what they look like because I already have and walk away.

8. Deal with your fat.
Wash it and treat it with love.  Now that I live in the South, this is a little bit of a struggle for me because it is so fricking hot and I work with a bunch of Southern girls who are ALWAYS cold.  Even though they keep the temperature in my building at work at 74-degrees, these girls still have their heaters running under their desks!  I am constantly giving myself the smell test throughout the day and my fan runs almost non-stop.

9. There are worse things in the world than being fat.
What?  You didn't know that?  You poor, poor soul.  It's true.  Just watch the news.

10. Don’t expect to feel awesome about yourself every single day forever.
People can tell when I am feeling fabulous because I come to work dressed up with my hair styled and wearing make up.  Most days, though, I couldn't give a fig so just wear something comfy and clean and not a stitch of make up or hair product.  Of course, a huge part of *that* is my feelings toward being a member of the corporate soul-sucking world and nothing to do with my size. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little A-to-Z about me

I have shamelessly stolen this from the ever lovely Stacey* who stole it from someone else who stole it from someone else who... you get the idea. :)

A. Age: 37 which is my favorite number so woohoo! In February, I will be 37 with 1 year of experience. :)

B. Bed size: Queen. I'd love a King so there'd be more room to stretch when we're both sleeping.

C. Chore that you hate: If it's a chore, I hate it. (*laugh*) Seriously, I am a slob which is why I don't often invite people over to my house.

D. Dogs: We had dogs when I was growing up who were, of course, wonderful! I'm really more of a cat person in my adult life but mostly because they are easier to take care of. And don't bark.

E. Essential start to your day: Eggs. Some people need coffee. I need eggs.

F. Favorite color: Even though I wear 99% black with the occasional splash of another color, dark pink is actually my favorite. Though I have a great fondness for yellow, red, and purple as well.

G. Gold or Silver: Mostly silver. My wedding set is gold and is the only gold I wear which makes it extra special. :)

H. Height: Just shy of 5'7"... too short to be tall and too tall to be average

I. Instruments you play: I'm not musically inclined as I lack coordination and have hearing issues.

J. Job title: Merchant Assistant by day, Artist by night

K. Kids: I'd love to have kids and think I would make an awesome Mom but it's just not in the divine plan someone has laid out for me.

L. Live: Yes, I do. Everyday, in fact. Well, MOST days, anyway. Sometimes I am too lazy.

M. Mother’s name: Mom

N. Nicknames: Sashi, obviously. LOL My husband calls me "Swa" as a cute shortening of my name but only he is allowed to call me that.

O. Overnight hospital stays: tonsils out at age 12, appendix out at age 16, blood clots in my lungs at 29. I am finishing up antibiotics (today, in fact) for an infection in my leg. If it comes back, I will have a 4th stay in my future. :P

P. Pet peeves: My 2 biggest ones are people who are mean in traffic and bag boys at the grocery store who have no common sense (as in, most of them)

Q. Quote from a movie: My favoritest one ever is "All right! I AM the messiah! Now, f*ck off!" from The Life of Brian

R. Right or left handed: Right handed. I used to be able to do more with my left hand but have nerve damage from a compound fracture in my left collar bone when I was in the 4th grade.

S. Siblings: One sister who is 1200 miles away :(

T. Time you wake up: During the work week, 6:30am.  On the weekends I try to be up by noon at the latest.

U. Underwear: Most of the time. LOL I like cute but comfy. :)

V. Vegetable you hate: Lima beans, asparagus, and squeaky green beans

W. What makes you run late: I oversleep.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: I've literally been x-rayed from head-to-toe over the course of my life. Being majorly accident prone is fun. :-|

Y. Yummy food that you make: Hmm... most of the food I make is yummy. My most requested food item is a spinach salad which has been dubbed "infamous". (*giggles*)

Z. Zoo animal: the prairie dogs were always my favorite when I was a kid because of the way they pop up.

*Her blog is so inspiring to me. If you are feeling down about yourself, I definitely recommend checking her out. You will leave feeling uplifted. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where the heck is Lincolnton?

Right next to Washington, of course!  :)

Once every couple of months or so, Hubbyman and I decide to go on a random roadtrip.  We look at the Atlas to find a town with a cool or funny or odd sounding name then figure out a back road way of getting there.  We have seen a good portion of GA and parts of the surrounding states by doing this and have found wonderful treasures like Finster's Garden, Pasaquan, and the Smiling Peanut!  Granted, most of the "destinations" end up being nothing special but that's really not the point of the trips.  It's just the 2 of us in a car without any other distractions.  We don't even turn on the radio.

This past weekend we decided to go to Lincolnton, GA's right next to Washington and that made us a giggle.  Yes, Hubbyman giggles but don't tell him I told you. ;)

We do take quite a few pictures. His tend to be more scenic while mine are usually more silly. This time I used my juice box camera, though, so I need to get the film developed before I can post them.

But, for now, here are a few pics I snapped with my phone. :)

We're on the road!  (I *really* need a haircut)
This keeps Hubbyman fueled for the trip.  His car gets much better mileage than my minivan (yes, I drive a minivan) but it's a stick which I can't get the hang of driving so he does all the driving most of the time.
Pretty green...even if it is kudzu. :)
I had my phone in the B&W setting and managed to get this picture out the open window as we drove by.
He gets grumpy when I take his picture while he's driving but he looks so cute in his road trip uniform: driving hat and camera. :)

One of my favorite bloggers went on a road trip this weekend as well!  You can check out Meg's pictures here!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A hearse! A hearse! My queendom for a hearse!

My dream car would seriously be an old hearse, painted bubble gum pink and detailed with dark pink and black cute skulls. Yeah... that'd be sweet! Since that is not likely to happen any time soon, I have this hearse dress I made for my sister's engagement party. I was feeling kinda saucy so wore it to work today. :)

Sorry for the blurry/bad pic. I wish I knew how to get better pics of myself other than in the full length mirror at work. The skirt and sleeves of the dress are from another dress I had but never wore. The back of the bodice is from an old t-shirt and the front of the bodice is from J & O Fabric. I love reusing clothing this way.... plus it saves me the pain of having to hem. :D (My hair is getting long but I am getting it cut on Saturday! *dances*)

Here's a close up of the bodice. I love the little coffin falling out the back of one of the green hearses. :) Wow, my neck looks uberskinny from this angle!

This is a bad pic of the sleeve detailing and the back of the bodice. The sleeves from the old dress were a tad large so I pleated the top to make them slightly poofy. I love the way they turned out!

I have a bit to do for my sister's wedding in a month, such as making my Maid of Honor dress, a couple simple evening bags and a wad of jewelry. My motivation to get it done is this CUTE Skelanimal fabric I got recently from J & O Fabric. :) I got 2 yards which should be enough to make another skirt like my Skulls and Roses skirt and a bodice for a shirt or dress like the one above. J & O has quite a few Skelanimal designs so I know I will be buying more!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Horror-movie Themed Engagement Party

Well, it finally happened. The engagement party. A month and half of work, 2 days of non-stop preparation after travelling 1200 miles and it lasted all of 3 hours. (*laugh*) But the happiness on my sister's face made the whole thing more than worth while. :)

I was too busy to stop and take pictures so here are a few she sent me. (Thank you, seester!)

Eric had drawn the skull images as possible images for their wedding invitations. They went a different route for the invites so I blew them up and put them on a banner for them.

As guests approached the house, they were greeted by this little tongue in cheek homage to the ending of "Carrie."

I printed poster images of some of their favorite horror movies...

...and we taped them around my mom's dining room...

...right above her scary wall border. LOL

This is an above shot of the coffee table in the living room. A friend and I had spent an evening cutting out pictures of women which I then "decorated" with a Sharpie. Yes, those are Barbie parts in the candy dish. :)

My sister said she wanted to use the napkins as wallpaper. :)

Here is the buffet table set up on the dining room table. Starting in the bottom right, we have Baby Arms in Tomato Sauce (more about those in a bit), Uncle Sal's Meat Head, my "infamous" spinach salad, a super yummy Asian-inspired noodle salad, ham and pickle roll-ups, turkey and green onion roll-ups, red pepper dip, ranch dip, guacamole and a variety of vegetable and chips.

Inside the jars were real edible things. I got the Zombie Jerky from, the maggots, drunk albino eyes and ear wax are all candies from

I don't think "Uncle Sal" enjoyed the party as much as the rest of us did.

Mom had pointed out that the red Swiss chard looked like it had blood veins so we chose that as the garnish. :)

Mmm.... Baby Arms in Tomato Sauce.... I got the skeleton arm picks from and they were the perfect size for these fully cooked chicken Italian-style sausages. I put raw spaghetti noodles in the sausages then boiled them until the noodles were tender to look like tendons or ligaments. After tossing them with tomato sauce, I stuck the arm picks in for a tasty treat. My 8-year-old nephew said these were his favorite!

The flesh wound cupcakes were a hit! The looks on everyone's faces when they reached the blood clot surprise inside (a cherry from pie filling) was pretty hilarious. I was really happy with how the flesh tone turned out. I just mixed 4 drops of yellow food coloring with 3 drops of red and 1 drop green before mixing it with the white frosting. I tripled the amount for the white cake mix for the same effect. I got the candy meat cleavers from

Rainee and Eric chose to eat their first initials. :)

I made fake labels for the soda bottles and them printed on the large window decals from I could fit 4 to a sheet and just cut them apart. On the back of the label, I left a spot for the actual contents so people could tell what they were really drinking.

The punch is called Dragon's Blood Punch which is a recipe I got from Sandra Lee on the Food Network. It was beyond amazing and there was none left at the end of the night!

And here is poor Uncle Sal before he got covered in cheese and cooked. :)