Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mmm, mmm, good!

There has really been nothing remarkable going on the past few weeks.  I've made a bunch of yummy food but by the time I am done cooking it, I am so excited to eat it that I forget to take pictures until I am putting away leftovers. :P  This is the only meal that made it and it's probably the most boring visually.  LOL  It was absolutely delicious, though! 

I present to you roasted tomato soup and grilled ham & cheese on homemade bread!  I am not a huge fan of soup and never have been.  Tomato soup is one of the few I enjoy because it is creamy and smooth and doesn't look predigested to me.  Now that I have had this, I will never, ever be able to eat canned tomato soup again.  Ever.

You can find the recipe for the soup here.  I will also be adding the Pumpkin and Mushroom Lasagna, Shepherd's Pie, and Cherry Bread recipes soon.  Even though the temps are still in the 80's (upper 20's celsius) here in Atlanta, I am so ready for Autumn!

I am still slowly but surely getting my kitchen organized.  My latest little project was my gadget drawer.

Here is the before picture:

A mess, right?  And I couldn't believe how many non-kitchen things I had in there, too.  Like the balloons.  LOL

From The Container Store, I ordered these bins which seems like they were made for this drawer.  I had 1/8" and 1/4" of wiggle room in the 2 directions after I put these in.

I seriously measured the inner dimensions of my drawer 4 times before ordering these for this configuration and hoped like crazy that their dimensions on the website were spot on.  They were. :)

Here is the after picutre:

Now, there are obviously things that did not make it back into the drawer.  The non-kitchen things are finding other homes and some of the bigger things, like my rolling pins (yes, I have 2: one wooden and one nonstick) are being stored elsewhere since they didn't fit in the bins. :)  I know it might be silly to some for me to multiples of a few things, like measuring spoons, measuring cups, whisks, pizza cutters, etc.  I have a couple reasons for this. 

One, I am a frenzied cook.  I don't want to have to look for a certain sized measuring utensil in the middle of my chaos and then have to wash and dry it before I can use it again.  If it's not reusable, I'd rather grab a clean one.  Of course, I do try to plan ahead and measure dry things before wet things, etc. but that's not always possible or I just don't remember. 

The second reason is that I hate washing dishes.  So if something is dirty in the dishwasher, I'll grab a clean one instead of hand-washing it.  That's especially true with my spoons (in a crock on the counter instead of here), tongs, and pizza cutters. :)  I don't use the pizza cutters for just pizza cutting, either.  I use them for cutting my dough to size when making buns as well.

We had a visitor last night!

Neighborhood cats seem to love our yard.  I think they know we are cat people. :)

Sidia was very interested in our friend and made excited chirping sounds when I lifted her up to the window to see.

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