Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby balls

Okay, that post title makes me giggle.  Titling posts is even harder for me than writing them but you'll see how I came to that one in just a bit. :)

First, the baby part.  I was asked to design the invitations for a Halloween baby shower!  (Okay, I offered when I heard about it but they took me up on the offer so that's almost the same! *grin*)  The theme of the shower is Boo Crew so I took inspiration from the invite that they found where they loved the wording of but not the design...

Image source
...and designed something that fits with the Boo Crew theme without outright copying it. :)

They also found this idea (which I am totally stealing if a miracle baby ever happens):

Image source
So, of course, I made theirs to match the invite: :)

Now for the balls.  LOL

With my tummy issue, any time I eat anything with chocolate in it, my tummy hurts.  A lot.  Thankfully, I am not one of those girls that HAS to have chocolate every day.  In fact, most of the time I will pass up chocolate for something else.  I know.  I'm not normal.  I have no idea what part of chocolate is the issue but knowing it makes my stomach hurt makes me WANT it.  Gotta love human nature. :)

Well, I had a chocolate Larabar last week and I didn't have an issue.  It was really good, too!  The main ingredients were dates, cocoa powder, walnuts, and coconut... that's it.  But since they are too expensive, imho, I found a recipe online to make. :)  This is the recipe I found and tried to tonight.

O. M. F. G.  So good!

I really need to get a good food processor, though, to replace the wimpy little 3-cup one I have and hate.  But even with the big nuts in my balls (*stifles giggle*), these are amazing!  I made them into balls instead of bars, though, because a whole bar was actually too rich for me and this shape was easier to make and store.

For dinner tonight, I made a grilled ham (nitrite-free, of course) and Colby sandwich on bread I made yesterday with just some raw vegetables sprinkled with a touch of salt and pepper.  My bread ended up being so tall that I had to cut the sandwich into 6ths!  This was such a simple yet satisfying meal which was perfect for my last meal before Hubbyman comes home tomorrow.

I was kind of naughty last night for dinner but I make no apologies for it! I present to you.... cheddar-filled bacon-wrapped dates!

I don't like my bacon overly crispy :P
These were a sort of last minute concoction based on craving sweet & savory for dinner.  That and having 3 lbs of dates to use. (Thanks, Costco!)

Cheddar-filled Bacon-wrapped Dates
  • 6 slices of bacon (I used uncured bacon), cut into thirds
  • 18 dates, pitted
  • 18 pieces of Cheddar, cut into pieces that are 1/4" x 1"
  1. Preheat oven to 350.  Line cookie sheet with a sheet of aluminum foil.
  2. Put a piece of cheese in the pit slit of the date.  Wrap with a 1/3 slice of bacon, overlapping at the bottom.  Put the date, seam side down, on the cookie sheet.  Repeat for all the dates.
  3. Bake 20-25 minutes for less crispy bacon, longer if you like your bacon cooked more.

I am going to make these again but with the bleu cheese I picked up tonight. :D

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  1. Oh man, my mouth waters whenever I visit your blog! Those bacon-wrapped dates look incredible.

    Oh, and the bring a book instead of a card idea is so good! I think I'm going to be stealing that one as well. I can't wait to read to my baby!


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