Friday, November 25, 2011

Filling in the blanks

I've seen this floating around so I thought I'd give it a shot, too! :)

I am weird because...
  • I make sprinkles dance on a plate to rave music in my head
  • I only eat one food at a time from my plate
  • I will not eat blue food or candy and drink blue drinks
  • I have to sit in a booth or with my back to a wall in a restaurant
  • I rarely wear socks because when I do, I lose them in various rooms around the house and not realize it
  • I always take my shoes off at my desk at work
I am a good friend because...
  • I listen without judging or giving advice (unless asked)
  • I don't tell others anything you told me
  • If you are feeling down, I will make you laugh
  • If you aren't feeling down, I will make you laugh
  • I am always available to lend an ear or shoulder
  • I'm willing to go on most adventures

I am a bad friend because...
  • I am bad at keeping in touch for fear I am intruding on your life
  • I am not always available for the adventures you dream up
  • If all you have to offer me is stress and drama, I will eventually end the friendship
  • I don't always share my personal feelings unless they are positive ones but I am learning to open up more
I am sad because...
  • I do not get to see my sister and her family more often
  • Someone I care about is dying and wants nothing to do with me
  • People can be so closed minded
I am happy because...
  • I am. :)
  • I spent a wonderful day with friends yesterday
  • I just watched Glee
  • I have pink stars all around me
  • I realized I have nothing planned for Saturday
  • The tater tots were fresh at lunch
  • I just got a custom group order from 3 people in Austria
  • The Smurf movie comes out on DVD Dec. 2
  • The Muppet movie just came out in theatres
  • The neckline of my shirt makes me feel like a ballerina
  • I have a rave beat going on in my head
  • My co-worker's heated up leftovers smell really good
  • I am a unicorn
  • I could go on and on and on and on and... well, you get the idea :)  A lot of things make me happy.

I am excited for...
  • Meeting a friend at my favorite coffee shop after work and having a banana smoothie
  • Having a day of relaxation for a change on Saturday
  • Seeing another group of friends for games and Chinese food on Sunday
  • My husband's birthday
  • The holiday season this year
  • Seeing what 2012 holds in store

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