Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Horror-movie Themed Engagement Party

Well, it finally happened. The engagement party. A month and half of work, 2 days of non-stop preparation after travelling 1200 miles and it lasted all of 3 hours. (*laugh*) But the happiness on my sister's face made the whole thing more than worth while. :)

I was too busy to stop and take pictures so here are a few she sent me. (Thank you, seester!)

Eric had drawn the skull images as possible images for their wedding invitations. They went a different route for the invites so I blew them up and put them on a banner for them.

As guests approached the house, they were greeted by this little tongue in cheek homage to the ending of "Carrie."

I printed poster images of some of their favorite horror movies...

...and we taped them around my mom's dining room...

...right above her scary wall border. LOL

This is an above shot of the coffee table in the living room. A friend and I had spent an evening cutting out pictures of women which I then "decorated" with a Sharpie. Yes, those are Barbie parts in the candy dish. :)

My sister said she wanted to use the napkins as wallpaper. :)

Here is the buffet table set up on the dining room table. Starting in the bottom right, we have Baby Arms in Tomato Sauce (more about those in a bit), Uncle Sal's Meat Head, my "infamous" spinach salad, a super yummy Asian-inspired noodle salad, ham and pickle roll-ups, turkey and green onion roll-ups, red pepper dip, ranch dip, guacamole and a variety of vegetable and chips.

Inside the jars were real edible things. I got the Zombie Jerky from ThinkGeek.com, the maggots, drunk albino eyes and ear wax are all candies from OrientalTrading.com.

I don't think "Uncle Sal" enjoyed the party as much as the rest of us did.

Mom had pointed out that the red Swiss chard looked like it had blood veins so we chose that as the garnish. :)

Mmm.... Baby Arms in Tomato Sauce.... I got the skeleton arm picks from OrientalTrading.com and they were the perfect size for these fully cooked chicken Italian-style sausages. I put raw spaghetti noodles in the sausages then boiled them until the noodles were tender to look like tendons or ligaments. After tossing them with tomato sauce, I stuck the arm picks in for a tasty treat. My 8-year-old nephew said these were his favorite!

The flesh wound cupcakes were a hit! The looks on everyone's faces when they reached the blood clot surprise inside (a cherry from pie filling) was pretty hilarious. I was really happy with how the flesh tone turned out. I just mixed 4 drops of yellow food coloring with 3 drops of red and 1 drop green before mixing it with the white frosting. I tripled the amount for the white cake mix for the same effect. I got the candy meat cleavers from PartyCity.com.

Rainee and Eric chose to eat their first initials. :)

I made fake labels for the soda bottles and them printed on the large window decals from Vistaprint.com. I could fit 4 to a sheet and just cut them apart. On the back of the label, I left a spot for the actual contents so people could tell what they were really drinking.

The punch is called Dragon's Blood Punch which is a recipe I got from Sandra Lee on the Food Network. It was beyond amazing and there was none left at the end of the night!

And here is poor Uncle Sal before he got covered in cheese and cooked. :)

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  1. I love that theme.. That's AWESOME!!! I love what you did with the drinks.. That's a nice touch, and the meat head is just KILLER..

    Congrats to the happy couple.

    Congrats to the party planner..


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