Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Love Shirt, exciting and new....

Last night, I actually found myself at home by myself with no previous plans. That *never* happens! Part of me was relishing being a hermit and holing myself up with a bunch of bad movies on Netflix and making something but another part of me wanted to go to a bi-weekly bar night that I've never gotten to go to with some friends because I usually have something else going on on Tuesdays.

So I decided to leave the decision up to fate, in a way. I gave myself the challenge of refashioning a wearable shirt in 1 hour or less. If it turned out, I would go. If not, I'd stay home. The shirt I had in mind was partly inspired by Psycho Sue and partly by a blouse I had gotten a while back. I loves the top of it and how it fit me but the bottom of it was plain and boxy and I am not built that way. ;)

So I did my favorite hack and sew to make the top of this blouse into a empire-waisted baby doll style shirt with some fabric I am in love with! It needs a little tweaking but it was good enough to wear for a couple hours last night and to work today. :)

Here is a mirror shot in the rest room (since I don't have an accessible full length mirror at home). I am just wearing it with black pants for work but last night I wore it with a pair black denim capris and my skullified shoes.

This is a detail shot of the fabric. Can you see why I love it? :)

Here is a better shot of the blouse top I used. I love the collar and ruffle detail around the button placket!

It is warm in here so ignore my bemused expression and messy hair. :P

I even took some time and accessorized today! This is the zombie pin-up bow I got from Cute and Creepy a while back. I love bows but with my short hair, I always feel weird wearing them, especially to work. But the shirt is making me feel sassy!

The zombie pendant is one of my own creations. As soon as I get my butt in gear, I will be opening up my own Etsy shop. I have the stuff and some okay pictures. But I've been a combination of lazy and overly social as of late. Life could be worse, right? :)


  1. That turned out beautifully! It looks very cute on you!

  2. OMGZ you are too adorable! I loves that fabric and your whole outfit! good job!

  3. Heh heh... aw, shucks! Thank you both! :"> :D


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