Monday, May 17, 2010

Skullified Shoes

I don't know why but black shoes with white soles have always bugged me which is why I am not sure why I bought a pair of black fake-Vans for about $10. (Do people really pay over $40 for a pair of black slip-on sneakers just for the name?) I finally decided I needed to do something with them, though, so used a regular white paint pen and skullied these up into something I actually will wear. :)

I just free-handed my design so they are not exactly the same. I like the effect, though, because it shows that these are not a store-bought design.


Top detail

Inside part of shoe

Outside part of shoe



  1. Fun! I love all your skullified refashions! Where do you get all your skull fabrics?

  2. I get my fabric from Jo-Ann's Etc. They have one little section of just skully fabrics which made me literally "Squee!" out loud when I saw it. :)


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