Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spuddy Bud Duds... er... Shoes

Last night, instead of sleep, I decided I needed to decorate a pair of shoes with my last doodle obsession. I call these little guys "Spuddy Buds." :)

I used a combination of Sharpies (for just the outlining) and Sharpie Fabric Stain pens (for filling in the color). I've had a couple people ask me today where I bought my shoes. That is always such a wonderful feeling when I hear that about something I made/decorated myself!

I love how the black turned out looking like black denim! I added the colored hearts on the inside of the shoe because I wanted them to have a touch of coordinating color but not to draw away from the outside of the shoe.

Here's the obligatory mirror shot. :)
This obsession I have with drawing these little people started with a doodle I did on a napkin a few weeks ago. I sent a picture to my mom and she begged that I send the napkin itself to her which I did and she framed it. :) That made me as proud as the times she put my pictures on the fridge in school!


  1. Very cute! I've never heard of Sharpie Stain Pens- I'm going to have to look into that.


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