Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My personal "Show No Fear" Project

Now, I know this has nothing to do with refashioning or embellishing or anything like that but this is something I am rather proud of and I was asked to post this online so others could see as well. On May 20, I gave myself the challenge of filling a 100-page sketch journal with a minimum of 2 drawings a week which may not seem like much but I also gave myself the restriction that I cannot use pencil and I cannot pre-plan any of the doodles. I can only take marker straight to the page which is a HUGE deal for me. I don't think I am all that good at what I do so I tend to plan and and tweak pretty everything I do before I commit it to something permanent, like Sharpies or paint.

I've done fairly well so far, I think, and am exceeding my 2-per-week minimum as well. Below are the first 14 drawings, some good, some... notsomuch. I decided to show even the ones I think are utter failures. (Another challenge for me!) These were all drawn and colored freehand which Sharpie markers.

This has actually been fairly liberating for me, to just draw without fuss and not worry about mistakes. I can continue to occasionally post my progress, if people want me to. Just comment below and let me know what you think!

And I apologize in advance for the crappiness in the picture quality. I took these with my camera phone at work since I don't have access until I get home and I wanted to do this while I still had the guts. LOL

Can you tell I have two obsessions: skulls and my Spuddy Buds? :) As for Mr. Watermelon Bunny... I have no idea. It entered my head while I was getting lunch today and it made me giggle. Out loud. In front of people. Yeah, it's a little odd inside my head. :)

I also have some sewing projects going that I will hopefully be posting soon as well. I'm trying to incorporate a little more *gasp* color in my wardrobe. But not too much. LOL


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