Sunday, September 20, 2009

Swim Cap Awesomeness + Polka Dotted Shade

My hubby and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary in about a week. Yay! To celebrate, we are going to have a little romantic weekend getaway to Savannah. We found a decent inexpensive hotel with an indoor pool, which is important with my sensitive skin. (Call me weird, but I prefer my natural pinkness instead of the burn I can get with less than 20 minutes of exposure in the sun.)

However, anyone who colors their hair knows that chlorine is the suck so I decided I needed a swim cap. Not just any swim cap, of course, but an awesome swim cap.

And I found one!

Headcovers Unlimited offers this nugget of goodness in 14 different colors:

Of course, I had to get it my colors which also happens to match my swimsuit. I'm thinking I need some waterproof eyeliner and red lipstick to complete this retro look at the pool. What do you think? :)

Since we will be doing some walking around looking for photo opportunities, I decided to splurge by getting myself some portable shade instead of dealing with constant applications of SPF 85.

I got this parasol/umbrella from GreatLookz in black with white polka dots.

I also ordered a pair of regular-sized black and white striped thigh highs which, for my chubby legs, make great knee highs. Since I wear long skirts, stripes up to my knees work just fine.

Both companies were uber-fast with their shipping, too, which is great for this procrastinator! I think I am going to look especially cute for our trip. :)

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