Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DIYWed: I {heart} Cut Out & Keep for DIY ideas and tutes!

One website that I absolutely adore and visit often throughout the day is Cut Out & Keep. It's free to join and members post pictures of really cool things they've made as well as some pretty funky tutorials. If you make a version of something based off someone else's tute, you can link it which I think is a fabulous idea!

You are also able to save projects as favorites so you can come back to when you are ready to either make something or get a little inspiration. I've heard the forums are fabulous, though I have not had the time to peruse them yet.

But there are so many awesome ideas on there! From making jewelry and clothing out of just about anything to a plethora of plushies to recipes for things like rainbow cupcakes and how-to's on making comic shoes. I can guarantee that you will find me making more and more things based on tutorials and other projects here.

Their categories are Accessories, Art & Craft Supplies, Bath & Beauty, Food & Drink, Homeware, Jewelry, Techniques, Toys & Playthings, and Wearables.

I know this post is a little bit of a cop out as I don't have a project of my own to share this week but Hubbyman and I celebrated out 6th wedding anniversary by going to Savannah this past weekend. It was absolutely beautiful though waaaaaay too hot and humid for my still Northern blood. I took a lot of pictures with my Holga and am anxious to get them developed since I've never actually used this camera before.

This picture was taken with my cellphone and is of the driveway leading into Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah.

Below is a picture of Pirates House Restaurant (also taken with my cell) while waiting for our ghost tour bus:
We also visited Ft. Pulaski. I especially loved the funhouse effect of the mirrors in their restroom. :)

I promise that I will have something to post next week for DIY Wednesday!

Until Later, Sweet P'taters!


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