Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DIYWed: Shirt + Skirt = Um... Another Shirt! (Now with a tutorial!)

I really need to start remembering to take before pictures. So, imagine ~ if you will ~ a black t-shirt that is too tight around the hips and sleeves that are also too short. Imagine as well a red and black paid skirt with a slight A-line shape to it.

That's what I started with for this:

This was actually pretty easy.

UPDATE: Here's an actual tutorial.... drawn in the very high tech MSPaint. :)

(end UPDATE)

Here's a detail of the elastic band on the sleeve:

And here's a detail of the pattern of the skirt I used... complete with cat hair!

It's not perfect, of course, but I really like it! It looks a little like a mini-dress so works really well with leggings and pants that are a bit slim-fitting. :)

Management would like to apologize for previous pictures that were poorly taken. They regret that the artist/blogger has not yet gotten off her lazy butt to make a dress form dummy and is still using her phone camera instead of the good digital camera.


  1. Fantastic way to make it work and be fabulous!

  2. Looks pretty cool; a nice and non-cliched way to wear tartan.

  3. Excellent dress. I love me a stretchy home made dress. The tutorial is fabulous.
    I found you via wardrobe remix, cool blog.

  4. This is an awesome re-fashion. Love it (and the name of your blog!)


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