Monday, July 29, 2013

Still Cookin' and a Photo Dump

I know I've had radio silence for a couple months now but there really hasn't been all that much blog-worthy to report.  Well, I *have* been cooking up a storm, as usual, but I am horrible about remembering to take pictures of my food before I start eating and I'm pretty sure you don't want to see pictures of the aftermath that is my plate.

A friend of mine asked me recently why I don't post all of my recipes online and I didn't really have a good answer.  So I went through my binder of keeper recipes and added them all to my Recipage.  These are all recipes that I have made in the past year that are good enough to make again and again.  Some of them get made quite often and others are ones I know I want to make again.

Want to see what I added?  Just click on the Recipage button over in the side bar and have fun browsing!  Or, you can click here: My Recipage.  There are currently 115+ recipes over there and I will update it periodicially.

To kind of put it into perspective, only 1 in about 4 recipes I make get put into my keeper binder.  Which means I've made/tried over 400 new recipes in the past year!  If there's interest, I can do a post about how I manage my recipes.  As a prewarning, I do have Luddite tendencies!  LOL

Now, since text only posts are boring, here is picture dump for you to enjoy. :)

My take on pizza burgers.  I just mixed 1 lb of my Italian sausage with 1 lb of ground beef then made burger patties stuffed with pizza sauce and mozzarella and topped with more pizza sauce.  The oven fries are tossed with Italian seasoning and Parmesan. 
Egg rolls stuffed with leftover pulled pork, BBQ sauce, pepperjack cheese and colby jack cheese.  Dipped in ranch dressing.

I just love the smell and look of roasted chicken. :)

Pulled pork sammiches, baked mac and cheese, and coleslaw.  All 3 recipes are over on my Recipage. :)

I went to Vape-a-palooza with Andy and our friend Ryan (both facing away from us in the center).

Ryan is in the center with the crew from

I've even started vaping a little even though I've never smoked because there are some REALLY good vapor flavors out there!  And since they also come with 0 nicotine, I can safely enjoy them.
We've been adopted by a neighborhood cat. :)  I don't know her name but we call her "Belle" since she sometimes has a belled collar around her neck.
Rich sleeping
Rich awake

Andy sleeping

Andy awake

My sister Rainee and her son Kellan

Rainee's son Tristan and my Mom

My Dad and Rainee's husband Eric (and half of Rich)

Sidia left a present for me in case I got the munchies in the middle of the night

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