Friday, January 11, 2013

I made these giftees!

As promised, here are the t-shirts and other things I made for people for Christmas!  I loved being able to make them something AND give them something that didn't look handmade.  I love making things for other people in general but there is just something so... satisfying... about seeing something I did in a format that looks professional. :)

But first... here is the t-shirt I made for Rich for his space birthday party.

I found images of real patches from different NASA missions and printed those on the left.


And the holiday card I designed for this year.

I painted the 3 of us plus a couple of "extras" in Victorian garb and put us in a Victorian winter scene backdrop I found online.  Rich and Andy are the only two "fat boys" I've ever painted along with my Fat Girls. :)

And now... the Christmas Presents!!!!

My sister and her family

Candy corn is a symbol that means something to my sister and her husband so I made this little candy corn family for them. :)  I also had one printed for each of the 4 boys as well.  Rainee has 1 son from a previous relationship and Eric has 2 then, together, they have 1.  I hope I can have her take a pic of all 6 of them wearing them together sometime!

Rainee and Eric each also got a mug.



Rich's Parents

Andy's parents (made by me, given by him)

His parents collect wine so when he asked me to design something for him to give to them, this was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Andy's Mom & Sister

Andy's nephew (made by me, given by him)


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  1. They're all great, but I love the bacon one! All hail bacon!


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