Monday, January 21, 2013


This was one of those weekends where I seemed to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  But I did manage to get my hair recolored and cut!

Here is what it looked like on our roadtrip 2 weeks ago.  I was letting it grow out a bit but by this point, I was in need of getting it reshaped.  It's hard to see here but the back was getting really shaggy and tickling my neck!

I *love* this picture of 1920's actress Louise Brooks so this was the inspiration I gave to the stylist.

After making me look like a potato for a bit...

...this is what she did!  (Pay no attention to my lack of make-up and pre-menstral pimple. :P )

I *LOVE* it!  This is the first haircut I have had in a VERY long time that I am really and truly happy with. :)  I started going to the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta and I am really glad that I did.  The girl that I have seen twice, Rachael, is super sweet and eager to learn.  It was amazing how much more confident she's gotten in the 12 weeks since I last saw her.  My cut and dual color is on $55, which is still a lot but about 1/3 what I used to pay.  So my one luxury is a lot cheaper now. :)

That wasn't the only cutting from over the weekend, though.  I also made pizza, homemade from the crust up.

I did the whole wheat crust recipe from one of my go-to books "300 Best Bread Machine Recipes", made some of my favorite sauce on Saturday for this, browned some of the Italian sausage I made last week, and just added sauteed mushrooms and lots of yummy shredded cheese.

Even Rustle and Sidia approved!

They didn't get any, though.  Yeah, I'm a mean Mama. :)

Like my footstool the pizza is on?  I got 4 of those for $10 a piece in the clearance section of Target YEARS ago.  The legs fold in so you can use them as floor cushions as well.

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