Friday, September 7, 2012

Not much to say

Ever have one of those days (or weeks) when you are feeling social but not really talkative?  That's kind of how I feel today.  I am craving being around people but my brain really just wants to sit back and observe.  Friends are coming over Sunday to play Cards Against Humanity, though, so that works.  :)

So rather than being wordy like I usually am, here are some random pictures varying from tonight to almost 30 years ago. :)  I don't *think* any of these have been posted here before but, if they have, here they are again.  LOL

Of course, food. :)  For dinner tonight, I made Mini Cheese Burger Meatballs and Herbed Oven Fries with broccoli.  Oh!  Did you notice that I have a Recipage now?  It's true!  There's a widget gadget thingy over to the right. :)
A friend's '66 Mustang

Taken from the passenger side of the one and only time I got to go for a ride in said Mustang :)

T-shirt I designed for an ex-boyrfriend.  His name was obviously Shawn and he would always say that this is when he had to get up for work. :)

Someone asked me to do a doodle of a dinosaur and a flower.  Challenge accepted!
This way some people didn't have to choose between eyes or boobs (*giggles*)
I was a deadly doll for a Halloween a couple years ago.  I think this is my favorite costume I've ever had so far.

Trying to grin like the Jimmy Carter giant peanut statue in Plains, GA :)  This was on one of our random road trips quite a while ago.

A photographer I know was doing a BBW Alice in Wonderland photoshoot and I got to be the "white rabbit".  I made the lace ears (based on this idea) and also added the lace to a plain black bra.  As with recipes, I even go my own way when following DIY tutorials. :)  It was so hot in the studio for this shoot and the photographer made me take my glasses off. :P
Class picture from the sixth grade - I'm circled in case you haven't figured it out.  LOL  I hated the shirt my Mom made me wear so I wore my jacket over it.  That SO helped with my already built-in dorkiness.

So... what are YOU doing this weekend? :)

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  1. I love random picture posts! That one of the googly eyes on boobies made me laugh so hard!


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