Thursday, October 15, 2009

DIYWed: Out of my Skull

Did you know that yesterday was Wednesday and not Tuesday? I realized that last night as I was getting ready for bed. Hence the day-lateness of this post.

I would guess that, by the very nature of the peole who tend to visit my little blog, most of you have heard of Artist Noah Scalin started it June 4, 2007 and made a skull everyday for the following year. The site is still alive and kicking with a couple of co-moderators who make things and also share skulls that others have made. It's a pretty cool site that I have been following pretty much since it's inception.

I was even mentioned on the site once. :)

Not only did Noah post his own artwork, he also made some of his ideas available for others to use, including his stencils he made. (Scroll down the right sidebar of his site to find all of his free stuff... including a connect-the-dot skull!)

At least a couple of these stencils are going to end up on my t-shirts, skirts, and bags, I think.

Click the image to connect to his site with the stencil

I picked up some white fabric spray paint yesterday that I am going to play with for these. Eventually... some day... I will post those results.

On a personal side note, what do you other creative types do when you are in a funk and don't feel like making anything? Do you force yourself to anyway, even if the result is less than optimal? Or do you just wait for the feeling to pass?

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