Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DIYWed: Easy Paper Stars... thanks, Betsy!

I am cheating... again, I know. But my in-laws were in town for the first time in 2.5 years and my favorite uncle passed away which sapped away whatever creative energy I had left this week so I think it is forgiveable. I have a couple of things started so I should certainly have something good to share again next week.

So, instead, I am going to share a wonderful secret with you that I discovered years ago for making perfectly shaped patterns for stars. also has good illustrated instructions here.

It starts with an 8.5" x 10" sheet of paper which produces an ~8" star but you can scale it up or down depending on the size you need. You can also vary how far in you cut as well as the angle to produce all sorts of fun star shapes.

The picture is my proof that it works. :)

About my Uncle Roger:

He had a tough life up until he came back into our lives 20 years ago but he was always in a good mood and was always cracking stupid jokes to make you laugh. He'd do anything in the world for my family and was definitely a part of ours. He was also an extremely creative and talented man. His intricate woodcarvings with inlaid stones from discarded costume jewwelry were not quite my aesthetic but were absolutely awe-inspiring. I think I inherited my love of turning wannabe-trash-to-art from him. :)

My sister and I called him, affectionately, "Unca Snoot" and even had a song about him that we'd sing:
It's Mister Snoot-a-root
He's just a little ol' skinny brute
But you must admit he is kinda cute
'Cause he's Mister Snoot-a-root!

I was 15 and she was 8 when we came up with that. :) It made him chuckle every time which was the important part.

Since I could not make it home for the funeral yesterday, my mom asked me if there was anything special I would like that belonged to her brother. The first and only thing that came to mind was some of his art supplies. The first thing I will do is make something in honor of Uncle Roger.

He's definitely going to be missed.

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