Thursday, October 17, 2013

New website!

You may remember that last month, I was trying to decide what I wanted to do blog-wise.  I finally decided that since my passion right now is food, cooking, and nutrition... I should concentrate on that.  And I think that is definitely the right decision for me.


I don't think that is the right thing for Funky, Punky, & Plump.  So I am going to save this little corner of the blogworld as my place to post about pretty much everything other than food.  When my art, craft, or sewing bug hits, this is where I'll talk about it.

Get Off The Couch and Cook is where I will be focusing on easy recipes that use real food, nothing processed.  I've already got it set up if you want to go check it out.  I've been kind of obsessed with it so even though there are only a handful of posts currently, there are quite a few more already scheduled. :)

I feel good knowing what direction I am supposed to be going in.  I'm even sleeping better at night now even though I dream about posting recipes.  LOL

Please come visit me! :)

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