Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sergeant Joe Pepper... erm, I mean, Sausage and Pepper Joes

I ate too much dinner tonight.  Seriously.  Hours later and I am still sitting here like a stuffed woodtick, semi-regretting all the food I ate.

No... that's not true.  I regret nothing!

Well, maybe a little.  My stomach hurts from all the delicious food I ate.  Next time, do I what I say in the recipe I'm about to tell you about rather than what your tastebuds think you should do.  You'll likely thank me later.

Tonight for dinner, I made these fabulous Sausage and Pepper Joes... every time I see the name as I write it, I read it as Sergeant Joe Pepper... I'm sure he is a nice guy but this post is not about him.

Click on the sammich to get the recipe!
But... dinner. Man, my tummy hurts!  With these joes, which I mistakenly served on hoagie rolls instead of hamburger buns, I made the perfect potato skins.  I will rarely say this about my food but I truly think they rival skins served in restaurants.

Click on a tater to get the recipe!
Here is a pic of the whole plate.

I should also only had 2 skins instead of 3.  And see that broccoli?  That's my conscience coming to light by making sure we had something green.  :)

Now, this meal is not as unhealthy as you may first think.  The buns are homemade and contain white-wheat flour, the joe mixture has extra lean ground beef, homemade sausage using the lean pork I ground myself, and no added fat (yay for nonstick!).... except the cheese.

Each potato skin has just 1 oz of shredded cheese, less than a slice of bacon, and was brushed with less than 1/4 Tbsp of butter.  Of course, I ate 3.

Still not health food but a lot better than it could have been. :)   And hey!  We did have broccoli!

What's your favorite comfort food that you've lightened up some?  Do you ever have eater's regret?

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