Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just stuff

I am still in the creative slump but here are a few pics from my phone. :)


This is my work area in my cubicle at work. I am a slob. :)

I like to think of myself as having a "creative mind" which explains away my messiness.

This is the shelf just to the right of my monitor. I keep my work space a happy place.

I have a hard time concentrating sometimes so end up doodling a lot.  These are just the ones that were scattered around my desk.

I change the wallpaper on my monitor every month.

My left hand - these are the rings I wear every day.  My wedding set was 50% off at Sears!  This makes me happy in multiple ways. :)

My right hand with its usual rings.  I occasionally wear something else on this ring finger but this is my go-to ring.  I've been wearing the one my middle finger for over 11 years now.

On my left wrist I usually wear these bracelets but occasionally mix it up.  The pink one is represents me and the red one represents someone I love very much.

My left ear

My right ear

I wear a different necklace almost every day but this is a current favorite.  I got it from Final Warning.

Other stuff and people

The cherry tree in front of house in full blossom back in March

Sometimes my friends like to chew on me.  Seriously.

My husband taking a picture on a recent trips with a couple friends.

One of the friends taking a picture :)

The other friend taking a picture.  This was more fun for me than taking pictures of scenery. :)

I play a roleplaying game about once a month with a group of friends.  (Yes, I am a geek. I am okay with that. *grins*)  My character's name is P'tza who is a simple lumberjack of a man with horrible social awkwardness so he tends to talk through his puppet 'Roni.  This was the prop I was told to make before gaming one afternoon with the supplies given to me.  Except for the sock.  It belonged to my husband.


  1. I love all these little snapshots of your life! My work area looks much the same. Actually, our whole house looks much the same as your work area at the moment, with five people crammed into it.

  2. Roni! Ooh how I miss roni. I'm glad that we will be seeing more of him soon.


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