Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glue woes & toast

Remember how excited I was about the glue that finally worked? Um. Yeah. I was wrong. Sunday night and Monday morning, the rings started falling apart when touched. I tried another glue last night (Gorilla super glue) and it didn't hold, either. So I've tried various super and crazy glues, all stating that that can be used on metal and plastic as well as E6000, Gorilla Glue, and the Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive. I've even tried various glue dots that claim to be permanent.

I guess I will have to break down and get epoxy. I was trying to avoid the mess of having to mix it but nothing else seems to be working well. But I would rather get this figured out now rather than AFTER I started selling the rings to other people. :)

And now... some happy toast!


  1. It may not just be the glue it may be the plastic itself. Gorilla glue as an extremely strong adhesive. See if you can find out exactly what plastic you have. If memory serves me right all plastic has a number assigned to it that gives detail on the make up and content of each. This information may be useful in finding a better or different grade that will bond better with the metal.

  2. Thank you! The issue is actually with the metal as it stays on the plastic just fine! I have been experimenting, though, and will be posting about that soon. :)


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