Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute and Creepy

I know I've not been posting much over the last few months but I haven't really been sewing as I've been more in painting mode and lazy mode. (*giggle*) I have still been following a few blogs* which are keeping my interest in refashioning going and I suspect the sewing bug will bite me again pretty soon.

In the meantime, though, I have found an Etsy site that makes me giggle with delight every time I look at my purchases: Cute and Creepy, Inc.

I Love Zombies button - 1"

I Give You My Heart pin

Zombie Girls, Girls, Girls Hair Clip

I can definitely see bouncing by her shop multiple times and placing orders. At some point, I may even buy something for someone else!

* A couple of my new favorite blogs that I visit almost daily are Max California, Crafty Pirate, and most recently The Secret Life of a Retail Assistant. I love the style all three of these lovely ladies have and they've all inspired me in one way or another! In fact, I found the items above thanks to Thera, the Crafty Pirate!

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