Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DIY Wednesday: Rockin' the 'hawk... hat-style

About 3 years ago, I was having an uber-bad day at work so decided to have a little hair therapy to lift my spirits. Plus, as you can see in this old picture, I seriously needed a new hairstyle.

This was me 10 years ago :)

A friend of mine recommended an awesome salon in the area so I made an appointment for after work. The stylist's name was CC and he was awesome! I sat in his chair with my mousy long hair and said "I want you to do whatever you think will look on me. I want something artsy, something fun, something funky and I don't care about length as long as it can still be grabbed at the crown." :D Without batting an eyelash, he said, "We can do that!" He ended up giving me a version of a bob but the back of my head was shaved about halfway up.

My hairstyle has changed a bit since then but I still get the back of my head shaved. I *LOVE* it! After I get my hair cut, I will sit at work and just pet the back of my head. (*grin*) I can't imagine ever going back to having my hair sticking to back of my neck and everything else on these hot Atlanta days. Blech.

Sadly, I doubt I'll ever go to the extreme of getting a mohawk, though. Partly because of my day job but mostly because I look better with hair around my face. Trust me... I do.


When I happened across project 72 in Megan Nicolay's "Generation T Beyond Fashion," I knew I had to give this a try!

I think it turned out really cute but it came out a bit too small for me which is entirely my own fault. Rather than measuring my head and drawing out the pattern as instructed, I thought I'd be smart and use a winter skull cap I already own. I will be making this hat again and will do it the right way next time. :)

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  1. Rockin' hat! As if that's just a tee, maybe I should get that book... My mohawk hat was a bit of a fail, if ya happened to read that post :P Also wanted to thank you for following my blog! That makes me puff out a little bit :D


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